Keyword Extension - Personal

For this week's extension on my keyword I decided to focus more on the content creation portion of my word, personal. I started to think about the divide of the "real" persona we show to our friends, family etc. versus the "artificial" persona we show on social media. No matter how "authentic" we think our social presence is there will always be a level of inauthenticity to it as often we are showing only the highlights of our lives on social media.

The first thought that came to mind when thinking of "persona" was the show Black Mirror. Specifically the episode called Nosedive of the 3rd season. The episode deals ultimately with the idea of losing who you are a to the social hierarchy of social media. Here is a link to an episode synopsis.

Another aspect of reality vs artificial I thought was the idea of advertising on Instagram. It's very common for brands to sponsor celebrities or Instagram celebrities on Instagram nowadays. The idea that the person sponsoring the product doesn't have to disclose if it is a #ad or #sponsored post quickly turns into deceptive advertising. How can a viewer of this content know if who they are following is being authentic? Can advertising ever be authentic? This is where there is a stark contrast between "old media" versus "new media." New media allows for a feeling of connection in a way that hasn't been discovered before; however this connection is still as unauthentic as the way it was shown in old forms of media. In an article for the New York Times Jaclyn Johnson, president of Small Girls PR says that, "Audiences have a very visceral reaction to ‘#ad’ or ‘#spon’ or whatever it is, where they don’t want to know people are getting paid for stuff even if they are.”