This blog is dedicated towards all things 70s fashion and design. I am interested in this topic because I think it’s important to look at how objects, people, and events have influenced design in the present-day. The movement of disco during the late 70s/early 80s had a sense of glamour and excess which doesn’t really exist anymore. Similarly, the fashion movement of the west coast during the 70s had a feeling of pure ease and relaxation which also doesn’t really exist now. Both of these “movements” deal with the concept of freedom and being willing to do and be whatever/whomever you want to be which is an idea I find really essential. I also love just how much fashion and music are intertwined in a non-commercial way during the 70s. In general, I am really obsessed with nostalgia in all parts of my life, but, this website is not trying to recreate or imitate the styles of the 70s but rather create a “one-stop shop” or moodboard of my favorite aspects of 70s fashion and design.

On this site you will find movie title sequences, album covers, shopable vintage clothing, advertising archives, iconic photos and much more. Lastly, history is always more beautiful and simple in retrospect, so you will also see the social or political history of the item/person/place that is blogged about.