70s Visual Culture
Make Me Up: Cosmetic Advertisements

These advertisements highlight the way Women were presented to the world in the 1970s. At the time second-wave feminism was blooming and it's interesting to look at ads like these in order to see the capitalist idea of a Woman.

Ms Magazine

Ms. Magazine launched in 1971 by Gloria Steinem proclaimed the reality of being a woman, not the fantasied one. In it's pages, articles about illegal abortions, studies on date rape and domestic violence were highlighted for the first time in a national magazine.

Movie Titles

Foxy Brown, Saturday Night Fever, Diamonds Are Forever, all movies from the 1970s with beautiful imagery, typography and themes.

Protest Posters

At the root of it, graphic design is used to persuade people with a written or visual message. Inherently there is something "political" about every piece of graphic design whether it is subconscious or not. The Vietnam war was very much still in affect halfway into the 1970s and the Kent State shootings caused need for protest.

Disco + Race

Starting in New York and Philadelphia during the late 60s the Disco movement combined funk, soul, pop, and salsa as a reprisal against rock music. Most music movements before Disco had white people at the forefront. The Disco movement of the 1970s was inclusionary to all races and genders and it's forerunners were mostly Black.

Album Covers

The physicality of the record has been lost in the age of Spotify and Apple Music. The visual of an single or album is still important, but a record is like owning a piece of art, both musically visually, and physically.

Fashion + Feminism

The idea of anti-fashion is that fashion is the "easiest" or "simplest" route for women/girls to take and that all it does is confine a woman to thinking that beauty is her main prerogative. At the root of it the idea is that who really cares what you look like when there are bigger issues at hand.

Pull Up to The Bumper Baby-
Car Advertisments

When I look at a beautiful car, there is an emotional connection that is inexplicable. The freedom that is experienced in a car is undeniably American.